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Carpet Stretching: Houston Zebra Carpet Cleaning

Zebra Carpet Cleaning knows that over time carpet can become loose and will require stretching. This is completely normal and is due to normal wear and sometimes due to an improper initial carpet installation. But why is it important for you to have your home's carpet stretched?

One main concern is for looks. A loose carpet has wrinkles and is not nice-looking. By stretching a carpet you can restore it to a condition that resembles what it was when it was new. The money spent on stretching is well worth it for the satisfaction you will get out of a better looking carpet then putting tons of money to replace them.

Another reason to have your carpet stretched is for safety. When a carpet gets real loose and develops huge wrinkles it can become a hazard. These wrinkles are easy to trip on, especially if you have children in the home. Also if it gets loose it can come off of the tack strip along its borders. I'm sure you can see how an exposed rusty tack strip can be a problem to your safety.

The last reason to have a carpet stretched is to extend its life. A tight carpet has a spring to it and resists wear better than a loose one. A properly stretched carpet can easily last years longer than a loose one. This means that the cost of stretching is paid for by the extra carpet life.

Whether it's coming up by itself or you pull it up to get it out of the way while remodeling, you'll want to reinstall carpeting quickly. A few special tools are required. First, a power stretcher is needed for a bulk of the work. Then a smaller stretcher (having to be on your knees!!) is called upon for the tight corners. You'll also want a stapler for tack boards and padding, which probably need to be re-purchased, as well as a utility knife or a carpet cutter to create seams. As you can see, a lot of things have to be rented or purchased before you even get to the work, which is often hard on the knees and can cause a strain in your back with all the bending. So by the time you add up the costs to your budget and body, it may be just as reasonable to hire a professional from Zebra Carpet Cleaning for carpet stretching. Plus it's specialized work, and often, amateurs make visible mistakes or cause additional harm to the fabric itself. So to avoid the extra expense of replacement or repairs, it's smart to get it done right the first time.

Most Houston homeowners wait until their entire carpet is dirty and unsightly before repairing or replacing the necessary elements of their floor. Carpet repairs can cost more if you wait too long, Zebra Carpet Cleaning can repair your carpet where you can actually save time, money, and keep your carpets looking great.

These are just a few reasons to do carpet stretching as soon as possible. Contact a Zebra Carpet Cleaning and schedule your stretching today.


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Carpet Stretching - Zebra Carpet Cleaning
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