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Zebra Carpet Cleaning provides upholstery cleaning in all Houston surrounding area with the most acknowledge & prohibitive carpet, air duct, tile & grout, and upholstery cleaning services.

Upholstery cleaning adds years to the life of your furniture and can help keeping the beauty and elegance of the fabric.

Maintaining your furniture in good shape can really add that extra something to your home and protect the items in which you have invested so much money in.

When it comes to the appropriate cleaning of furniture textiles it can be a do-it-yourself type of job, but is always best to leave it up to the Zebra Carpet Cleaning professionals.

We are dedicated to provide Houston area with the most professional & affordable carpet and Upholstery cleaning services.

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Removing stains or spots from upholstered fabric can be a very tough job. The same chemical is not going to treat every type of stain or work with every kind of fabric. The type of cleaning method that should be used for cleaning your upholstery will always depend on the variety of textile that you are dealing with. Zebra Carpet Cleaning provides these services and has taken the time to become certified and proficient at what we do. This is why it is always best to use a professional upholstery cleaning company as opposed to doing the job yourself.

Need another reason to do upholstery cleaning? Well do you ever wonder if your furniture might be making you sick. The stuff sneaking in the family furniture might be contributing to that irritating sniffle or headache and might be the reason behind those morning sneeze attacks. Learn what is hiding in the family furniture and how it just might be making you sick.

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Mites are a tiny organism that looks like miniature spiders that just happen to feed off of dead skin cells. Besides being a bit frightening, dust mites are a main health problem among some people around Houston areas. Having your upholstery cleaned can avoid getting allergic reactions, asthma, irritated eyes, sniffles and other breathing problems. Mites are likely to be found any place that people sit or lay; beds, sofa or your favorite chair. The more time you spend in the area, the more mites are likely to be found. Mites eat, give off waste and eventually die adding to the �dust� found on your favorite furniture.

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In addition to mites, pollen and spores are other known sources of sickness. Given the right environment, spores can lead to the growth of mold and mildew which has a �musty� odor. Many people whine about furniture that smells, thinking because it is an old couch when in fact, that smell is actually a sign of deeply penetrated mold or mildew. Worse, spores can easily become air born and infiltrate other areas of the home which create the potential for contamination throughout the house. Common allergic symptoms include sniffles, irritated mucus membranes, fatigue and feeling like you have a cold or �trying to fight something�. Get you upholstery cleaned with Zebra Carpet Cleaning to bypass those horrible symptoms.

One of the best ways to eliminate common health problems including asthma, allergies, headaches and other complaints is to use Zebra Carpet Cleaning and schedule regular carpet and upholstery cleaning services. Upholstery Cleaning League City TX use steam cleaning furniture techniques that are healthy for your furniture, We provide you a clean home and great looking furnishings.